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FINAL TRUTH paperback by Mariah Stewart

ISBN: 0-345-48384-7
in paperback


All that stands between Lester Ray Barnes and the state of Florida's death chamber is a judge's signature. He is sentenced to die for the rape and murder of a young woman, his conviction hinging on two pieces of evidence: DNA testing and an eyewitness who placed him at the scene. But when the story breaks that the DNA testimony at trial had been fabricated and that the eyewitness was coerced by a cop, all hell breaks loose. In the absence of credible evidence to sustain the conviction, the court is forced to set Lester Ray free. It's the sort of circus the media adore—until it turns into the kind of Grimm's fairy tale the media love even more.

Intrigued by the story of a young man railroaded by justice, true-crime writer Regan Landry is drawn into Lester Ray's camp like a moth to a flame. For Regan, writing is a way to stay connected to her late literary-legend father, and her knack for detective work makes her a natural when it comes to uncovering new leads in even the murkiest mysteries.

Eager for the spotlight, Lester Ray willingly agrees to work with Regan on a tell-all about his experience as an innocent man on death row. But less than a week after leaving prison, he vanishes from the Sunshine State. Soon after, darkness descends on the outer banks of North Carolina as a string of women are raped and murdered in a frenzied spree. Fearing the worst, Regan and FBI Special Agent Mitch Peyton sweep in to confront the unspeakable: the horrifying possibility that they have helped to free a cunning monster with an insatiable appetite for death—and a ruthless determination never to be caged again.

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"Reganís charm and the novelís fast pace will keep readers turning the pages."
–Publishers Weekly

"Another winner for this hot author!"
–Readers & Writers Ink Reviews

"...intricate tales of murder and mayhem have made (Stewart) a recognized brand name."
–Harriet Klausner

"A fantastic suspense thriller."
–Harriet Klausner


The reissue of Mariah Stewart's acclaimed contemporary romance, CAROLINA MIST.
CAROLINA MIST by Mariah Stewart


Since the age of nineteen, Abigail McKenna has been on her own. Working hard to fulfill her dream of professional success and financial security, Abby has put her personal life on hold, content to bury herself in her career. But when she's laid off from her fast-tract position in a Philadelphia financial consulting firm, she is stunned to find herself with a dwindling savings account and no promising job prospects. When a letter arrives holding the solution to all her financial problems, Abby is relieved but saddened. Her dear Aunt Leila has passed away, naming Abby sole beneficiary of her estate.

But Abby is in for a few surprises when she arrives in Primrose, North Carolina, to claim her inheritance. Her aunt's home is now a ramshackle old house in desperate need of repair, not the elegant Victorian mansion of Abby's childhood memories, and it's inhabited by her aunt's best friend, Belle, who appears to be staying on as a permanent guest. Everything about Primrose has changed, but Abby still has her memories...lazy summer days and warm summer nights spent with Alex Kane, a past—and a love—she can't forget...

"As she has proven in the past, talented author Mariah Stewart excels at creating emotionally complex novels that are sure to touch your heart."
–Jill Smith, Romantic Times

"A touching and compassionate story of life and love that wrapped around me like a cozy quilt!"
–Tanzey Cutter

"First rate!"
–Harriet Klausner

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